Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Favourite Smartphone

iPhone 3G is a great smartphone with many applications to keep their users entertained. Not only does this smartphone entertain its users but it is also a great tool for communication. This smartphone has a touchscreen that is easy to use for texting, dialing, surfing the internet, and playing games. It has many applications that would benefit the user as they go through their daily life. There is a calendar, camera, notes, mail, phone, web browser, calculator, gps, weather, stock, etc.. I can go on and on about the many applications this smartphone has to offer. The good thing is you can run the applications with just 1 click on the screen unlike other phones where you would have to keep pressing buttons to go through the selection of programs. This iPhone can play movies on widescreen, access youtube, and play music for entertainment. The iPhone 3G is my favourite smartphone for now.

If you want to buy a iPhone 3G go to the APPLE WEBSITE[Click Here].

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